The Sowing
Seeds Trilogy book 1
by K. Makansi
The Reaping
Seeds Trilogy book 2
by K. Makansi
The Harvest
Seeds Trilogy book 3
by K. Makansi
The Dead
by James Joyce
The Collar 
a short-story by J. Fitzpatrick Mauldin  (full audio below

 J. Fitzpatrick Mauldin: And so I went and got another beer from the fridge, filled the bath with hot water (because it’s been freakin’ cold outside), locked myself in the bathroom and took a listen. 

 I sat in the tub till my water went cold, eyes wide, headphones in, attention fully arrested.  Ivy brought The Collar to life in ways I never thought possible.

And so, I invite you to listen to her performance, hear her tell the story of an unnamed girl and how that girl’s special gift has stolen all choice from her, but yet she is still not hopeless.

A review for the audiobook of The Sowing

review of The Sowing from Audiobook has made my morning, I’m tellin’ ya!  A quote from the larger review:

This is a great novel. The world building is seemingly effortless. While it seems like a natural issue in a post-apocalyptic world, I haven’t come across a novel focused on food and seed production before. I also really like that there was a lot of focus on the science. It is well explained and distributed in dialogue throughout the novel, so it’s not confusing. The characters, especially Remy and Valerian, had natural voices, which made it easy to relate to them and to like them. While focused on two main points of view, each of the characters has a diverse group of friends and colleagues that create a great dynamic to dialogue and activity throughout the novel. The banter among the character groups was comfortable, believable, and well-paced. Similarly, the plot has a great distribution of action and explanations. The end comes has a good stopping point in the story, but leaves the plot open for the next novel.

The narration by Ivy Tara Blair is excellent. The characters are well voiced and distinguishable. The voices also seemed aged well. The teenagers sounded like teenagers without having the worst kind of whiny teenage voices. The production quality is also great as well. I would recommend this novel to another who likes a young adult science based post-apocalyptic story.

Thanks Poonam :)  This kind of detailed review is exactly the kind of review I would seek, if I were the one seeking a book to listen to – and detail itself is its own compliment.  --Ivy