Hello audiobook lovers!  

What does Ivy do in this world of audiobook recording? Well, my great love is speculative fiction, whether YA literature or adult, scifi or dystopia, urban fantasy or AU fiction. Give me another way to see the world and I will immerse myself in that book for months at a time.

I have a minor in music, a background in theater and music extending back to early childhood, including live performance, effects & sound engineering; as well as producing final recordings of both live and studio productions.

I moved into audiobooks, branched out into amateur radio plays & effects/foley, and have been honing a hybrid performance & production style for professional work. I thoroughly enjoy employing character voices and effects, creating a seamless subtle soundscape which enhances but does not overshadow the performance. My use of sound is more of a sketch of character immersion than audience immersion, a supporting role rather than a distraction for the ear.

Where straight narrative is the style called for by the author, my narration is sympathetic, precise, soothing and clear. I have exceptional, crisp diction, anchored in a low contralto, slightly husky delivery that avoids the slight edginess of so many female voices.

I record slowly, deliberately, carefully and with great joy. Obsession and perfectionism are a great set of character flaws if one is an audiobook artist doing all one’s own production, sound effects and character work.  I apply them liberally, and hope the outcome is delightful :)

Ivy Reads 

Recently I have begun a podcast experiment!  This is a series of informal Reads simply for the enjoyment of listener & reader.  

I spend plenty of time being exacting and perfectionistic in front of microphones and editing software - this is the opposite end of that spectrum, just reading for the sheer love of the written word, perfectionism left outside the studio for a while.

Please join me in my adoration of prose and chatting about it with friends.

due to the limitations of video embedding in the software, 

here is a link to the complete playlist.